Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Liard Hot Springs

A really great place to stop along the Alaska Highway, just south of the Yukon border is a spot along the Liard River called Liard Hot Springs.  The campground is well taken care of by the folks in British Columbia, and if camping isn't your style, there is a nice hotel across the highway.  I chose the camping for if nothing else, the $21 tag.  I asked about some firewood, they delivered a robust armload of nicely split oak to the campsite along with a handful if dry kindling.  A scrap of paper and a match and I had a nice fire, and with the good wood there was virtually no smoke to bother other campers.  Likewise, no one else in the campground had smoke billowing through the trees.  Maybe some campgrounds in the states could learn a bit from this!  Of course there are the few that couldn't build a fire no matter what they had .. the guy in the site next to me spent about 10 minutes banging around with an axe, I was surprised he didn't hurt himself .. then the next 20 minutes smoking the place up trying to get a fire going.  At least he gave up quickly and retired to his motor home with the family. 
 The real reason the stop here though is the hot springs. A short 15 minute walk from the campground, along a well done boardwalk, and the hot mineral water springs will ease tired muscles and make you relax for a great nights sleep. I had much of an afternoon there, and then after I made some dinner on my nice campfire, I headed back along the trail in the dark for another soak before heading to my tent and nice warm sleeping bag. I can't imagine driving by this place and not spending at least an afternoon there.

 A well done changing room, the bottom is small pea rock instead of the mud from years ago.  I was here in mid September, and even then, the nights were below freezing.  The fall colors were just beginning.