Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just back from another great weekend in Madison at the Canoecopia Show. Lots of stuff to see, meeting up with friends for the weekend, and trying to do my part to stimulate the economy. I didn't spend much, if the economy is waiting for me to generate enough business to get things moving again .. I'm afraid we are all in for a long wait! My original plan was to just pick up the new "Eastern Horizons" DVD. Which I did! But after checking out a bug shirt and remembering the ferocious tenacity of black flys, as they go after any exposed flesh during the mid summer season on the islands. I couldn't pass on the price! Plus, I know I could easily double my money by selling it to some hapless soul who ventured out to the islands without protection.
Valley Boats!!

Superior Kayaks had a nice display for the traditionalists .. some cool stuff.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Local Lakes

thought I'd check on some of the local lakes today since the predicted snow never showed, with the ever increasing grassy areas showing up, and the warm sun, I've been anticipating the up-coming paddling season. Although the sun is high, and the warm days have started, the lakes are still quite iced over. In fact, checking out Lake Independence on the West side of the cities I discovered a few ice fishermen along with their pickup trucks still venturing out on the ice. Dave did a post today on the ice conditions on Lake Superior. I've been planning a trip with a few other paddlers to the islands during the the second weekend in April ... we may be moving the date out a bit if things don't warm up some.