Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter on Superior

A few images from a Saturday run up to check out the ice along Lake Superior. We did get out on the lake for a short paddle up to the cliff along Split Rock Lighthouse. I managed to dunk my hand in the lake during a launch into the little bit of surf we had, so taking photos on the paddle was difficult with cold fingers .. so no images of the lighthouse. It's a 3 hour drive up from the Twin Cities, just close enough for a weekend trip, and well worth the drive to see the lake with the winter ice. We hoped to see some of the rivers flowing, but they were all locked up with ice for this trip ... thinking maybe another run up in a couple weeks and the rivers may be open.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Stuff!

Read and article on coconut oil and thought, since it's now a darling of the health food world I'd give it a try. I sauteed some scallions, and a clove of garlic with some kale, tossed in some crushed walnuts and dried cranberries. Then a nice fillet of Copper River sockeye Salmon ... add a glass of wine. The finishing touch was Reel Water Productions Eastern Horizons to set the mood for the comming weekend. I'd recommend the coconut oil, it had a nice flavor ..

Weekend Plans

Things are coming together for a weekend photo trip. When I mentioned I was headed to the North Shore for the weekend fellow paddler/blogger DaveO sent me an email letting me know that due to the recent wave activity on Superior, the ice on the rocks and shoreline would be especially picturesque over the next week, and now would be a good time to go check it out.

Another friend and fellow pilot/photographer/blogger Patrick was kind enough to lend me one of his better camera lenses for the trip. So I find myself well equipped for such an adventure! Now to dig a kayak or two out of their winter resting place and try and track down all the wayward paddling gear just in case I need to get out on the lake.