Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter on Superior

A few images from a Saturday run up to check out the ice along Lake Superior. We did get out on the lake for a short paddle up to the cliff along Split Rock Lighthouse. I managed to dunk my hand in the lake during a launch into the little bit of surf we had, so taking photos on the paddle was difficult with cold fingers .. so no images of the lighthouse. It's a 3 hour drive up from the Twin Cities, just close enough for a weekend trip, and well worth the drive to see the lake with the winter ice. We hoped to see some of the rivers flowing, but they were all locked up with ice for this trip ... thinking maybe another run up in a couple weeks and the rivers may be open.


Nora Whitmore said...

You should bring a smaller kayak when the rivers flow :)

Ron said...

I've seen the rivers on the North Shore in the spring time ... I like my long sea kayak on the lake!! I'm sure you will be up there soon. I've done the Rapids Riders refresher course on the Kettle and was a good time, not sure I'm up for when it gets big!