Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Skiing, Sun Dogs, Pool Sessions, and Computers

Skiing season is getting under way, the local trails are starting to open up and forecast for snow is looking good. I really really need to get out and get some time in on the trails if I am going to ski the 42k Vasaloppet this winter. Right now I'd never make it to the finish.
Tree is looking good!

Sun dog yesterday morning ... very cold!!

And Alex says he doesn't have any balance ...

My laptop has given its all for me, I think this time it is finally over. New in 1999 it was the cutting edge in technology ... it's been fixed, reloaded, rebooted and abused for the last 9 yrs and just has nothing left. I'll be doing only some early morning and lunch break posts until I can get some Internet going at home again.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Airplanes ...

So why would an avid kayaker who works on airplanes every day for a living, go and get current, and start flying again? A couple reasons really. I get much the same feeling alone in a small plane flying over the country side seeing the view from above, as I do paddling a kayak in places like Lake Superior. I dug out my log book and found my last entry was in 2003, and was an instructional flight with Jim Robillard. A close friend who was killed in a plane crash not long after that flight. One of the reasons I quit flying was because of that loss. Maybe enough time has passed and I can pick up some of the pieces and take to the skies again. Another reason is I've always felt it important that I would fly the same planes I work on ... a matter of trust to the people who trust me to sign off the work I do on their planes. I have planes to fly, and friends who are instructors who can get me current again. Besides, I need something to do between kayaking and skiing.