Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just back from an introductory trip to the Apostle Islands. I've done this trip for the last few years as one of the instructors, and the trip always proves to be rewarding to see people get on the big lake for the first time. Lake Superior can be intimidating, but with the right gear, and some good decision making, Superior can be one of the best kayaking destinations around. That's what this weekend was all about. Wind, weather, navigation, making the go-no go decisions, and using that information to get out and see the Superior is all about. The key is starting with small inner island trips with the right people, sticking your nose in the wind and waves a little bit at a time to gain the experience to take on the longer more advanced trips.

This was the last trip up for me until August. This time tomorrow I will be en route to Alaska for the month of July. For a guy that's never been further north than Thunder Bay, this trip is a big one for me. I will be working on planes while I'm there, but the location will give me some good opportunities to get some training myself on the ocean. I'm not a stranger to wind, waves, and cold water, but the tide thing adds another whole dimension. After some searching and asking friends, the Alaska Kayak School in Homer was recommended to me every time. And it looks like they have some classes I can sign up for this July.

Also, soon as I get settled in, I'll introduce you to the bear guy!

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