Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silver Islet to Rossport

Getting ready for a run up to do the Silver Islet to Rossport paddle. I've not done this trip yet, and I'm looking forward to the time on Lake Superior. It's been the fall of 2006 since I've spent any real time on the lake. I did my very first blog post on it in December of 2006. So I'm over due for an extended time on the water. The real big difference in a weekend trip and a 10 day trip is pretty much bringing more food, but the nice part is getting into a daily paddling routine. You get into a routine of checking weather just before sack time, and checking it again as soon as you're awake in the morning. Getting into routine with your group also starts to come together after a short time. I've done a lot of paddling with the people in our small group and skill levels are pretty equal, so with any luck, and some good weather, we should have an enjoyable trip.

I did read through Dave's blog today. Any time you go out on the big lake, you need to do a self check, and take into consideration who you are paddling with. Things can get ugly in a hurry when something goes wrong. I learned long ago that if you can recognize a problem developing, we need to stop and take a check. Real trouble doesn't just happen, it starts long before when the chain of events starts to happen, and isn't recognized. But there in lies the problem, it's learning to see it develope. It's not always that easy to see.


Silbs said...

Good stuff....great photo.

Ron said...

Thanks Silbs!

Venke BJERKNESS said...

Hey, I thought this was a paddling blog, no entries for over a month? And those were about bears!

I heard you went on a mighty fine paddle last weekend!

What's keeping you so busy that your blog readers don't have anything new to read about your life?

Your devoted blog reader,

Ron said...

A little dry spell with the writing these days ... Plenty of good things going on to write about.