Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Ski Night

It's tough getting good night images without a tripod. I had to rest the little Olympus on a lamp post to steady it for the 2 or 3 second exposure time.
Had some good skiing tonight. After running some errands, trying to get a little last minute Christmas shopping in, I still needed to get at least an hour ski in. When I got to French, I found the place absolutely packed! Not even a place to park in the lot. I almost bagged it. Well, it was still 7:30, the lights are on in the park until 10pm so I really didn't have a good excuse for not going.
Elm Creek was only 20 minutes away so I thought I'd take a chance on finding a parking spot, and hopefully not have to ski through a mass of people. Traffic was light, Elm had plenty of parking room, and a lot less people.
I had some good luck with the V2 open field skate tonight, finally getting the timing down a little better. Good balance seems to play a big part in making everything go smoothly. The older I get, the more elusive good balance is! Tonight was good! I even had the chance to pass a few skaters instead of being passed all the time. Of course none of the skaters I passed tonight were real Olympian material, but none the less, it was nice to not get passed all night long!

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