Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Homer Spit is probably the best place I've found for eagle photos.  Years ago there was a woman that fed them, she is now gone, but the eagles have remained.  If you hang out here long enough, you will come up with a few good eagle photos.  These I got today near the Pier One Theatre on the spit.


Steve Weileman said...

So Ron,

You going to be in Homer early August? I'll be heading out to Chisik Island to guide for a couple of weeks there with my wife and plan to stop by Homer on the way out. Be great to meet a semi-local.


Ron said...

Hi Steve,
Yes, I'll be here through the middle of September. my email is rolsen51@gmail.com
send me a note and I can give you my phone info.

Great website!!

Steve Weileman said...

Appreciate it. Email is on it's way to you. Look forward to meeting you.

Ron said...

See you in August!