Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bike Ride

Great day for a bike ride .. last year I had my old Trek with the skinny tires, and I tried to do some riding on the beach.  Well, at any rate, the results were predictable.  I left the Trek with my son Dustin so he would have some transportation for the Summer.  Being 16 and without wheels is a tough thing indeed.  This gave me the opportunity to actually "need" to find a new bike, and a quick look on Craigslist found me a well used, but very well maintained Salsa Mukluk.  The deal was made and we will be doing some playing on the trails as well as the beaches. 

Much has happened since the last post on Liard Hot Springs .. in fact, I have had the opportunity to visit those very hot springs again last week .. more on that later.  Right now I need to get settled into another Summer in Alaska. 

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