Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Night

My sweetie is off working late tonight so what to do.... 

I guess I could go and join in the local nightlife, or, I could take some quiet time at home and busy myself with some reloading. Setting up to reload for the 30-06, and some 30-30. 
One can just make them fast, or you can take some time and maybe, just maybe, they will shoot as good or better than the factory made stuff. Years ago when I got into this as a hobby, the goal was to make ammo that was better than anything you could buy already made up.. Well the factory stuff has gotten pretty good over the years so now, well, at least I can make it a whole lot less expensive. And really, that's a pretty good reason to roll yer own. 

Start out with 20 fired cases..

Knock the old primers, resize the cases and look things over close.. 

Make some repairs...

Press in some new primers

Now we're ready to make some choices with powder and bullets. 

Looks like the bullet choices I have on hand are not really what I'm looking for. These are better choices for the 30-30. 

We'll pick up some better choices and continue another day with the 30-06. 

I know I have a bunch of 30-30 brass here somewhere...

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