Monday, July 16, 2007

Rolling Clinic

Helping out with Alex's "Rolling Clinic" on Saturday was great ... what an excellent opportunity to help someone get their roll going, and to learn some things about teaching the roll. Alex is one of the best rolling instructors you will find. He gives 110% to his students. I am looking forward to helping out again in future classes. Liza from ISK was out with a group earlier doing a fitness paddle, when she returned she also helped out a student getting his roll going. Ron S. from Novorca Paddles was there also. If a guy can't be out paddling among the Apostle Islands ... I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning.


Silbs said...

You guys are providing a fine service. Good work.

Ron said...

I just enjoy helping people learn to roll ... Alex is the driving force behind getting folks out and doing it. Besides, it's just plain fun!

Rosie said...

Hi Ron,

I didn't really get to meet you on Saturday, but I definitely agree with you on Alex. I am starting to run out of words to sing his praises as an instructor and a person. In fact I think I started my blog to some degree to for that, and for Nora, and Natalie, and Chad.

(I think I may have to pinch that picture and link your blog to mine :-)

By the way it was Nora who pointed out your post to me.

Alex said...

I'm blushing. :) Thanks for all the nice things you guys are saying.

Ron, you're going to be an awesome instructor and you did a great job with the guy you were working with.

Ron said...

Hey Rosie .. you can pinch any picture you like. You can get me your email and I will send you the pic. Glad you had a good time Saturday.
Alex, thanks for the confidance ... I'm always willing to jump in and help out.

Rosie said...

Ooh Ron, thanks and that would be great!

Nora has offered me a spot in her site at Two Harbors, so chances are I'll see you there?

Laissez les bon temps rouler!