Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Instructors

Approaching cold front on Monday night

We have a few new ACA instructors among us, Chris, Jill, and I finished off the ICE in fairly good form!! All told it is a great way to grow as a paddler, not so much as some sort of credentials to show a level of skill, but to have a little more faith in yourself knowing you have reached for, and attained that level of skill. I learned some things I need to work on, but also some new things. I hope that never changes, to always have the desire to reach for more.
After the ICE weekend, we had planned for a couple days on the islands, but the forecast was for gale force winds, and steep waves. Plan two was placed into effect, and we spent a day paddling around Sand Island, checking out the sea caves. Spent a good deal of time just hanging out on the beach for a long lunch on the West side of the island. The cold front came through as advertised, giving us a good view of one of Lake Superior's cold and unforgiving reasons why she is truly "the boss".
Unfortunately, while in northern Wisconsin my cell phone has such poor reception, I can rarely receive calls. On the return back to the cities, I discovered my son, who some may know he and I get together with some Friends on Thursday nights for music sessions, had been in an auto accident, and has been in HCMC hospital since early in the weekend. He will recover fully, but will probably take some therapy, and some hard work. He's young and in good health, which should help.


Kate Foley said...

Ron, congratulations on getting your certification!

So sorry to hear about your son. I hope he is recovering, and will be out of the hospital soon.

bonnie said...

Exactly what Kate said.

Silbs said...

Dittos here as well. I can relate to what you said about the validation that comes with the credentials. Please let us know, from time to time, how your son is recovering.

Alex said...

congrats on the certification and hopefully your son recovers fully soon.

Ron said...

Thanks all .. Son is in good spirits. He has some surgeries to get through, and will be on the mend soon.

DaveO said...

Let me know whats up buddy. Congrats on the cert and let me know if you're at HCMC or need a lift. A rendezvous could be in order.