Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SKOAC Fall Ball!

Some weekends the winds just seem to blow the wrong way, no matter where you want to paddle. I think the only tail winds we had were the first 3 miles on Friday evening. While we were sneaking along in the protection of the shoreline, the cold front came through and kicked up some waves for the crossing to Oak. Usually the Oak crossing is just a mess of confused water, this time the wind came right down the channel, and we had 3 to 5 ft steep wind waves. Our small group of 7 intrepid paddlers came through unscathed, and pushing the edge of darkness we landed on the sand spit in good spirits. Jerome, and Jane had already made it to the island earlier in the day, set up camp and watched the winds come up. They had called to warn us "the channel crossing was going to be a b**ch and we should wait it out and come in the morning" ... we missed the call. Saturday was a great day of paddling, we hit Quarry Bay on Stockton Island for a lunch on the beach. On the way back ... you guessed it ... headwinds most of the way back. This weekend the forecast was about as close as it gets. Stace, Karen, and Elaine, made it out for Saturday afternoon. Stace brought along one of those new 5 litre kegs of beer, I don't think it lasted very long ... have to bring two next time Stace!

Potluck dinner on Saturday night proved to be fantastic ... everyone brought along great food, it was an evening to remember. We headed back on Sunday around 11am, into headwinds again, although none of the winds after Friday night really seemed to bother anybody all that much. A stop at Morty's Pub for a Whitefish Basket, and homeward bound. Another great Fall Ball has come and gone, and I had left my camera in the truck, so I didn't get to take any pictures of the trip. Maybe I can get a few from some folks.

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