Monday, January 7, 2008

January Thaw

The winter weather here never seems to stay the same from one week to the next, sometimes even a day will go from one extreme to the other. Last week over the New Year holiday it was hard to keep fingers from freezing while outside for any length of time. This weekend the snow was rapidly melting, dense fog has persisted, with some beautiful hoar frost covering the trees. The fog has caused some nasty traffic problems on some of the Wisconsin highways this morning. The SKOAC kayak/ski team spent some quality time checking out the Mora Vasaloppet ski trail this weekend. Dave was trying out his new waxless skis, while I was trying to figure out the grip wax, I finally gave up and skated most of the afternoon. There is something to those waxless skis when the temps get up to the melting point.

Saturday was skiing with the team, Sunday was an ISK pool session I just couldn't miss. I was looking forward to working on some new rolls, but the old ones I do have were in need of some attention. So it was a weekend of hard work ... if you could call it that ...

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