Thursday, January 31, 2008

Embrace the Seasons

It's hard to think about Summer kayaking when its -5 degrees, and dealing with frozen water pipes here in the shop this morning. But April is only a couple months away. Last Spring Ron Steinwall and I were the first kayakers to get camping permits for the Apostles on Lake Superior durng the 2nd weekend of April. But to get through the long Winters here, one must embrace the seasons. The cross country skiing has taken much of my time so far this Winter, and hopefully we will get some more snow for the Mora Vasaloppet. The skiing has kept me from taking on the couch potato syndrome, and the cross training I believe will help my paddling. The skate skiing has much the same torso rotation as paddling, and the balance issues with skiing and paddling are the same. Using your body for balance rather than relying on ski poles or the paddle has much the same feel. At any rate, this Winter has been going by quickly.


Silbs said...

Nice post. You are really staying in the game. Great image up top.

Ron said...

Thanks Dick, the photo is July 4th last summer, Cat Island from the sandspit on Outer Island.