Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A cold weekend to be sure. Skiing the Vasaloppet with SKOAC relay team members this weekend during the coldest Vasaloppet Race ever was a challenge, but an even bigger challenge was the efforts put forth by all the volunteers who put this great event together, and the city of Mora. Many thanks! Also to the family who invited our team into their home for the weekend, for dinner Saturday evening, and a place to sleep and gear up for the Sunday race. To be able to spend the time we did with Glen and Jean, and hear the rich history of the Vasaloppet, the making of the trails, and to learn the meaning behind the Memorial Trail, added so much to Vasaloppet experience.

We finished a shortend race to allow for the brutally cold temps, but I think it was a richer experience for it. I'll remember my first ski race for many years to come.
Courtney put together some photos of the race.

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