Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Intro to Lake Superior

The "SKOAC Intro to Lake Superior" trip went well this year, I hope everyone got something out of it, and will use last weekend as a stepping stone to their own paddling trips out to the islands. Basswood Island is a great first trip because the channel is well protected from the open lake, even if the winds come up, the waves are relatively small.
We did get a circumnavigation of the island in, and checked out the shipwrecks Fedora and the Ottawa. A walk through the woods to see the brownstone quarry would have been brutal with the mosquitoes, a couple people tried, and were beaten back in short order.
Now I have a couple days to get a bunch of wet gear dried out, re-packed, and drive up to Little Sand Bay for the short crossing to York Island for Thursday night, then Devils Island for the 4th. It looks like we'll have an interesting and fun group going up this time, although the plans have been a bit dynamic, and evolving daily, it looks like Dave and I will be the first to arrive and will be picking up the permits. Summer is here!

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