Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lots going on!

June has been a busy month, and its not over yet! Getting into my first real teaching assignments with the SKOAC "Basic Strokes and Rescues" class last week was a great experience. I enjoyed the class, the people, the day. Meeting new people, and taking a part in their first learning experiences is rewarding. This weekend is the "Intro to Lake Superior" group. Some of students who took the class earlier will be up on the lake this weekend, we'll do a crossing out to Basswood Island, spend the night, do some navigation clinics, and generally have some fun. But first I will be flying out to Newport Rhode Island on a work related trip, then return late Friday and drive up to the lake. Wish I could spend some time there! Only a mile from the coast, and I'll be in an airplane hanger the whole time!

Anyway .. Just a quick post to say I hadn't forgotten my blogging responsibilities .. the only place I have Internet these days is at work, so I need to get in early to do my computer stuff. Like I said .. lots going on!

Be back Monday.


Silbs said...

Good to hear from you, and good to hear you're doing good things.

Ron said...

Hi Dick,
It has been a busy Summer so far, and it's been going by quickly!