Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Storm Rolls

Out paddling in the rain last night. It's really a peaceful time to be on the lake, the jet skis and speed boats all seem to disappear, you get the whole lake to play on. I didn't use the whole lake, but I did head out into areas that would normally be "danger zone" to a lone kayaker on a sunny weekend. The lakes are warming up quickly, the dry suit is no longer needed here in the city lakes, even a wet suit is going to be to much for a afternoon paddle. After a short workout paddle I spent some time working on rolls, the "storm roll" has been a hard one for me for a long time, after some coaching by Ron S over the weekend, I was able to hit it a couple times. Then last night it started working real well. Its odd how once you figure it out, it then seems so easy. So many things in life are like that, not just rolling. It's to bad so many of life's lessons aren't as easy to learn as a simple "storm roll".


Peggy said...

Popped over via a series of links--fun blog to read! That yak at the top of the page (I think they call it the "nav bar"?) is a thing of beauty, as is the photo.

Ron said...

Thanks Peggy, I've been to your site a few times. Really beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron - hopefully the weather holds out for us this weekend on the water. Just wondered what you thought of the updates on my blog. Hope all is well.
Take care

kayak001 said...

hey ron, ellen here... great blog dude! hey, do you have some experience fixing the kari tek rudder assembly on the NDK boats? cassette dropped out of mine (missing screws) and end of the cable frayed... any info appreciated!!! kayak001@gmail.com