Friday, October 17, 2008


From the email I received.

ISK member Jo Hamilton died in the early morning of October 16 after a long illness. Many ISK members will remember Jo and her husband, Dave, from winter pool sessions, where Jo was a graceful figure who made complicated rolls appear simple and easy.
Jo and Dave were also the brains behind the first Traditional Paddlers Gatherings in Akeley. The Gatherings were established as an opportunity to learn and share skills related to native kayak techniques. But for those who attended, these events were characterized by the notes of graciousness, bounty and hospitality that Jo worked tirelessly to achieve. Anyone involved in the first years of this event would acknowledge that the largest share of credit for its success belonged to Jo.
Jo was an accomplished artist, whose pottery graces the homes of many members, as well as a dancer, avid yoga practitioner and motorcyclist. Driving with her around Akeley could provoke recollections that seemed surprising coming from a middle-aged woman. At one dangerous intersection she casually observed, "This is where I put my bike down under a lumber truck."

My deepest condolences to Dave and the Hamilton family.

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So sorry for the sad news.