Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sea Caves

The sea caves near Meyers Beach are definitely worth the short paddle out for a visit. The forecast was calling for perfect conditions all day Friday so Dave, Chris, and I while en route to the "Annual Grouse Kill," decided to take advantage of the nice Fall weather and do some paddling. In the videos I tried to capture the echos of the water throughout the caves. The little cameras just don't do the sounds justice.




Silbs said...

Those are interesting pics. And now for winter....

Ron said...

Thanks Dick .. I enjoyed the caves with the great Fall weather, seems every time I've tried to get out there, the wind and waves made it not such a great idea. Winter?!? It was 72F today!

Patrick Fox said...

Hi Ron,

Nice Pictures. I haven't looked at your page in while. Keep up the good work!