Friday, November 21, 2008

The Vasaloppet

I sent in my registration for the 42K Classic Vasaloppet this winter. It's a ski race through the hills and trails around Mora Minnesota. Last year our group the SKOAC Renegades did the Relay Race with temps around -16f and plenty of wind to drive the cold right through the best cold weather gear. Courtney put together a slide show of the race.
42K is a long race for me. I'll need to be committed to get out and train most every night after work, and some long distance training on weekends. One of my goals last spring was to train for and enter a short triathlon over the summer, and I never really got it together. The Two Harbors 18 mile kayak race was the one race I did, and even though I didn't train for it, I managed to beat my prior time by about 20 minutes, but I think I can contribute that to an 18 foot boat verses a 16 foot boat. So I'll be looking for snow soon, and try and keep on task this fall.

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