Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Weekend

The plan was to get out and do some skiing today. At 7am this morning it was -23F so my skiing plans were in jeopardy. The Minneapolis "City of Lakes Loppet" is coming up soon, the "VasaLoppet" is the very next weekend after the city race, so I need to get out and get skiing! At noon the temps finally made up to -5F so off to the trails I went. Not surprisingly I found the ski trails at French Regional totally abandoned, maybe 6 or 7 cars in the parking lot. 4 laps around the Lagoon trail, and a half lap around the skyway trail and I pretty much had frozen fingers and was ready to call it quits. Fingers are the first thing to get cold and probably the last to warm up, I wasn't going to hang around to see if they would ever get to the point I could feel them again so and hour on the trail was about all I could do today. Maybe some warmer mittens for tomorrow.

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