Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Warm Summer afternoons

With the freezing drizzle, rain, and ice forecast to hit the area this week, it's time to start thinking about some Summer paddling plans. The Apostle Islands are always an easy get away so I can leave that to a "last minute I'm outa here!" The North Shore I've found so over run with people that the only time the area is usable is during the off season. I'll leave that to the "Winter Campers". Talk of a Silver Islet to Rossport along the Canadian shore has come up in recent time with our small group of paddlers, and I would do another Isle Royale trip this year if I could get a group together. I do have some plans for a February run down to Florida for some paddling around the 10,000 Islands but finances just aren't looking like that will happen ... I may just start working on some Lake Superior ideas for now.


Silbs said...

Cool pic. We're in the same mindset. I wouldn't mind a visit to warm paddling waters and splitting expenses. I just don't know how to work around my teaching schedule, unless it was a 6 day event or less.

Ron said...

It would be fun to put together a small group and do some warm water paddling this winter.

外套 said...
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