Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Walks

First day here I had to go check out all the places I enjoyed while I was here last year. The Two Sisters was my favorite stop in the morning last year. I'd have a cup of coffee and do some emails most mornings before the day began. This morning was a grand day to begin the season here. The sun is shining and the air is warming nicely! I read a couple rumors through the emails this morning it was snowing in the Twin Cities! A run to the hanger and go through some of the stuff I was able to bring this year, and took some time to clean and oil up the bike, the poor thing rode on the back of the Jeep for 3600 miles of dust, snow, rain, and slush. There was at least 50 pounds of frozen crud on it at one time or another. A walk on the beach at low tide this morning I saw this guy on the image above, he didn't seem to mind me walking past and taking his picture. Walking the beach was a favorite pastime last year .. I imagine I will be doing much more of the same.

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