Monday, April 30, 2007

Bush Lake

Spent a few hours doing some rolling practice on Bush Lake over the weekend, the water is all the way up to 51F ... so with a dry suit and a neoprene cap, it wasn't to bad. The winter pool sessions really gave me a head start to the paddling season, last fall I had a pretty solid on and off side standard roll, but that was about it. The pool sessions allowed me to get some good rolls going .. Butterfly (one side) is pretty solid, reverse sweep (one side) both are working real well. The narsaq roll is coming along, and is definitely going to be added to the list soon. Balance brace is almost there ... just some final tweaking by some fellow skinny stick paddlers will have that to the list too.
Thunderstorms are rolling through the cities so I may not get out tonight, but Tuesday night looks like another rolling session on Bush Lake with Ron S, and maybe Alex P ... should be a good time.


DaveO said...

I like the idea of we skinny stick guys getting together on a regular basis. Although the personality of a person who choses the Greenland style tends to make organizing anything like herding cats, I think we can get a few together.

Silbs said...

I wish there were more of the SSG's here. I sure could use some help with that static brace. I can do it if I hold 5 paddles at one time.

Ron said...

Have you watched Alex do a static brace?? He doesn't event need a paddle! I am fortunate to have many good padders here to learn from.

Herding cats!!?