Monday, May 7, 2007

Windy Weekend

Great weekend of paddling the South Shore of Lake Superior, when heading for a weekend of paddling with forecast winds, and waves in the 20kt, 3-5 ft range, a paddling partner is a good idea. A paddling partner who knows the all the safe harbors, and launches, is even a better idea! Dave O, and I spent the long weekend sticking our noses in a variety of conditions, from placid backwaters, to wind and waves. Friday we launched at Bayfield, paddled across to Madeline Island, then across the shallows to Long Island, the intended destination was the home of one of Dave good friends along the South Shore. The crossing between Madeline and Long got interesting with confused seas from the waves and winds coming from between the islands, all along Dave was trying his hand at some fishing. Somewhere along the way he decided that catching a fish might not be such a great thing in 2-4 ft reflection waves, so he stowed the fishing gear, and we made it to Long Island intact. After some lunch, and a nice break we headed to Daves friends home, this time the reflection waves were replaced with more evenly spaced 2-4ft following seas, much more manageable, but certainly not relaxing. We found our intended landing spot full of clapotis, and crashing waves ... not good. So we continued on to Washburn, and found a rocky, but manageable landing at the Memorial Campground.

A great weekend of paddling, pushing the envolope a little, and meeting some really great people. Also some of the best sauna's on the South Shore!


Silbs said...

Love the pic. That building has personality

Ron said...

Thanks Dick, That is one of the finest sauna's on the South Shore .. only a stones toss from a wonderful inland lake. This gave us the opportunity to hit the the water for some rolling fun in the frigid waters, and quickly enjoy the 160 degree sauna.

DaveO said...

It was a fine long weekend indeed. That camp has a history going back to the mining days in the '40's and was the training site for the US Biathalon team in the late '60's - early 70's. And there is nothing like a good hot sauna after being inverted in the brisk waters.