Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IDW Weekend

Back home late last night after a good weekend at Living Adventures on Lake Superior, Gail Green, Grant Herman, and Mark Carlson gave one of the best training weekends I've had in a very long time. I brought my camera along to take some pictures throughout the weekend, but found myself to busy to take pictures. While on the lake, I needed to be a student ... not a photographer. I personally did learn a lot, and have my work cut out for the summer to be ready for the fall ICE certification. The weekend was not all work ... after a late finish on Sunday night, we returned to the cabin to find Dave O and Kathy with a nice fire built, a couple of beers waiting, along with a porketta roast cooking on the grill ... was a nice finish to a busy day. It was a great weekend spent with Jill, Chris, all the other trainees and all the folks at Living Adventures.


Silbs said...

Yeap, the IDW is a great learning event. It got me started on forever working on the basics. Do well on the ICE

DaveO said...

I'm jealous. It would have been fun to have taken the course with you guys, although the fire and beer part was good too!

Ron said...

Yes I am back to basics again, odd because I should've been working on them all along. And it is a challange to do them well!

bonnie said...


I will update my blogroll again one of these days. Honest.

I know what you mean about not being able to take pictures. I have gone to 2 really good classes in the last couple of months that I wished I'd gotten more pictures of, but I pull out the optio & I just go into a sort of different headspace. So for the surfing clinic in Hawaii Kai, the only picture I took all day was in the parking lot with all the Hawaiian-style surf kayaks on a wide range of beachmobiles - and then at that canoe safety workshop, the sole picture from the day was Tucker the Puppy!

I seem to be being cheerfully sucked into the British vortex, but I have some very fond memories of both my IDW (in California, at Eskape Kayaks, with sea otters)and my ICE (with Katabasis in NJ - no sea otters but a great experience).

Ron said...

Hi Bonnie, hey the British thing has been drawing some interest from me also ... fun stuff!