Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stormy Weekend

Picture of Long Lake on Sunday afternoon. Although I enjoy paddling in the rain, the threat of lighting made for a day off the water.

Saturday was a great day for paddling, you just had to watch the weather closely, thunderstorms abound from noon on. Early we hit Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale, I'd never paddled this lake even though I only work less than two miles from the boat launch. This was a workout paddle, trying to build up some endurance for the Two Harbors Kayak Festival this August. Two minutes of hard paddling, with another two minutes of easy padding for about an hour ... the two minute hard paddle somehow felt like a much longer two minutes, than the recovery two minutes. Then for the afternoon we hit Lake Independence for some leisurely paddling, except for the first half hour I worked with Jill on some rolls, even though it was sort of a "lets drown Jill" hour, she did get some nice looking rolls going! Way to go Jill!

Sunday was a little more of a rain day than Saturday ... perfect time to get some planing in for the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium .. more on that later.

Now there's a happy new Greenland paddle owner! Lets not forget Ron at Novorca paddles makes some very nice wood paddles along with the carbon fiber paddles he's know for.

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