Monday, June 18, 2007

Inland Sea Weekend

Great weekend at the "Inland Sea Symposium". Much time was spent just hanging out on the beach with friends ... its good to see people you haven't had a chance to talk with for some time. Saturday was a day on the water. I managed to take the "Kayak Fun" class with Kelly Blades, this guy has a way with teaching, you just have to have fun. Climbing into, onto, tip it over, line them all up and climb over. The "Chariot Race" was a hoot! ... Eric and I paddling, with Derrick standing between us. I think we may have even won the race! Well, Eric seemed to think we won. The show of shows was Saturday night at the Paddler Idol contest, good humor, and some real good talent prevailed. The SKOAC team pulled of third place, with a William Shatner inspired rendition of "Gilligan's Island" with, Bill Newman on lead vocals, Ellen Nacik, and Nancy on props, Eric on harmonica, we had a super drummer (I have to remember his name) ... myself on guitar. I had my doubts at first, but with Ellen in charge, it just had to work. Also a rolling demo by Doug Van Dorn, and Alex Pak, lots of boats to demo, classes to take part in ... was a good symposium weekend. The picture was early Saturday morning.


derrick said...

how'd the presentation go??

Ron said...

Hey Derrick, Didn't have anyone show up for the talk. Maybe with the thunderstorms heading in, along with Sunday morning packing up and the drive home.