Monday, October 22, 2007


I had John out in his new kayak this weekend, he has spent many years paddling skinny, and tippy racing canoes, so getting into his new QCC700 turned out to be an easy transition. The weather Saturday was almost to warm for dry suits, but the water temp made it a no brainer decision, especially since we were planning on some wet exits, T rescues, and touch on some rolling. We hit Waconia first to spend some time just getting him used to the new boat, and spent the better part of the day just enjoying the sunshine. Took a break on Coney Island, and worked on some rolls in the shallows. Sunday the clouds covered the sun, and brought along plenty of wind. This time we hit Lake Independence, did a circumnavigation of the lake, and found the waves on the South end to be just right for some surfing practice. Catching a ride on the waves, and then spend 10 or 15 minutes battling into the wind to setup another ride turned out to be great fun.


Silbs said...

That sounds like a day fully spent. And a convert, besides.

Ron said...

I'd been after him for years to get a kayak. Turns out Canoe people can handle a kayak just fine. We still have some work to do on the rolling thing though.