Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday Night Jam Sessions

The past couple of years some friends, my son, and I have been getting together on Thursday nights for some guitar playing, and general foolishness. We had a month off after my son was in an auto accident, and hasn't been able be there. I mentioned his accident a few weeks ago, and thought I should let everyone know he's doing well, and out of the hospital. Of course staying home with not much to do is trying his patience, but at least he's home. The surgery's went well, and now some out patient therapy, he should make a good recovery.
Last night the rest of the me and the guys got together for some songs. The top pic is me, second is Robbie ... we've both had a shave and haircut since last winter when they were taken. The bottom picture was taken by Randy last night. Hopefully Robbie will be joining us again soon!


Silbs said...

Damn kids. They scare the hell out of you...then heal like magic. I'm glad he's doing well.

DaveO said...

I'd recognize that red cooler anywhere! Sounds like Robbie is well on the road. Great news. Get that guitar tuned up for the annual Grouse Kill, first weekend in November.

Ron said...

You've got that right Dick ... its been good to see him get well quickly.
Dave, I'll plan on some Wisconsin grouse hunting in November.