Monday, April 21, 2008

Apostles in April

A Rainy weekend on Lake Superior for the first Apostle expedition of the year, I know a couple other people had planned on going out to Devils ... I hope it went well! We stayed warm and dry while in our tents, spending any amount of time paddling brought about cold feet for me. I may try using an old closed cell sleeping pad on the floor of the boat next time I go out in cold water. When we arrived at Oak Island and checked our campsite (note above picture), we then found the other campsite on the island unoccupied, and claimed it as ours for the weekend. We didn't think we'd have anybody show up and kick us out this weekend! A circumnavigation of Oak Island was the plan for Saturday, some surfing waves made the trip around the island a good plan .. I still think we paddled into the wind that day much more than we had it to our backs. Such is life I guess. A couple of cold water rolls were had, and the first Apostle trip is history!

Ron S from Novorca Paddles had along a new video camera he had attached to a helmet .. looked like a real nice setup. I'm anxious to see the video!


DaveO said...

I'm still glad I went south, although I'm jealous that you got a couple of early season Lake Superior rolls in.

Ron said...

I think it may have been the first roll I've done with ice chunks the size of a small Buick still floating about ... wasn't that bad really. The dry suit helps!