Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Other than a windy weekend on York in June, I haven't been out on the islands yet this year. With a three day weekend and some camping permits in hand ... many thanks to Courtney ... our small group of six paddlers had some of the best weather the big lake has had to offer in many weeks. That and NO bugs all weekend. I think during the summer months its a timing thing, and luck! The stars aligned and it couldn't have been a better time to be on the islands.
We even found some new sea caves we hadn't seen yet, along the rocky northeast shore of Manitou, and on the north shore of Bear we found some really huge sea caves. Some we were back in 20 feet or more.
We had the opportunity to check out the Raspberry Island Lighthouse since the recent renovation. Really nice! The tour is worth the time to see and listen to, the gentleman on staff there gave a presentation worthy of the history of the lighthouse.
I did meet this fellow .. he had devised a way to bring that little bit more gear along by towing a little whitewater kayak along on trips. If you look closely there is a 6 ft 2x4 with a skeg to keep it going strait. He was with a huge group was headed to Sand Island for the long weekend. I was thinking he was maybe hauling the beer?!
Anyway ... a great weekend. Lots of good food! Good weather! And no BUGS!


Silbs said...

No bugs!? They must still be full from feasting on us at the instructor's update.

Ron said...

I was thinking they were all blown to the Dakotas in wind last week.

Addiction said...

No bugs! I can't say the same, we have bugs on steroids here at the drug rehab I work at I mean these things are vicious.