Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Nights

What a great evening last night. The SKOAC skill are sessions on Lake Calhoun every other Wednesday night, and last night was a nice turnout. I think we had 18 people show up to work on everything from draw strokes to rolling. Michael got his first roll in last night by the way! Congrats Michael! The ISK group on their Wednesday night paddle even stopped by to say hi, with Jeff showing off the new Romany Surf he picked up from Chris at Boreal Shores Kayaking in Bayfield last weekend. Jill was sporting a brand new P&H Cetus she picked up at Midwest Mountaineering. Two new boats, one new roller, and a new resteraunt to check out afterwards so, really a nice evening. And I left my camera in the Jeep so no pictures.


Alex said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed it. I'd love to try Jill's Cetus one of these days.

Ron said...

Hey Alex, you'd have had a good time yesterday.
I'm looking forward to checking out the Cetus too. I've not paddled one yet.

DaveO said...

I paddled one up in Grand Marais last year and was not all that impressed. Actually gave Mr Blades a bit of grief about it but I guess thats why there are a zillion boats out there.