Friday, July 17, 2009

Apostles - Packed up ready to go -

I haven't made it up to Lake Superior as often this year as in past seasons, so when I have some free time I need to take advantage of it. When I checked on available campsites in the Apostles for this weekend I was surprised to find Oak 1 open. Usually all the nice sites are taken right away. Being a last minute trip and everyone's busy schedule it looks like this will be a solo trip. I haven't done any solo trips to the islands yet, so this should be a fun weekend. Weather looks ok ... calling for winds in the 15 kt range with waves 2-4ft until late Saturday, then lighter winds with calm to 2ft. That may change, and it often does so, like always I watch the weather pretty close. So 4:00 pm I'm off ... Back on Sunday night.


Silbs said...

Don't you have racks for the plane??

Ron said...

Thats what I need .. a float plane to haul the kayaks around. Something big enough to haul plenty of gear. An Otter would work out very nicely!