Friday, February 9, 2007

New Stove

After 30 years with tempermental white gas stoves, I have taken the plunge, and purchased a Trangia 28T. The backpacker model is under $30. I had first heard of these little gems from Bill Newman, one of my first kayak instructors, he preached the merits of "no moving parts", "safety", and "environmentaly friendly", he also had quite a story of saving his parents from a flaming inferno caused by a troublesome stove. I also had been reading Sam Crowleys preparations for his circumnavigation of Ireland this coming year, and he seems very fond of his Trangia. And not to have to listen to the likes of a F-18 Hornet at 7 in the am sounded pretty good to me. I'll give this little stove a workout over the weekend and see how it does. If it fairs well, I may purchase the 27 size.

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