Monday, February 5, 2007

Pool Sessions

Thats Tony doing a static brace .. lots of skilled paddlers at the pool today. The winter season here seems to last forever, Sunday was still -12 F at noon. This morning -20 F in the outlying areas of the Twin Cities. It makes the pool sessions a real nice alternative to just about anything a person would be doing this time of year.
I spent most of the 2 hrs working on the Butterfly Roll, and since I am still not very proficient at it .. the 2 hrs also was spent reinforcing my standard roll .. so it was still a good learning day. Alex spent a good deal of time helping me with the roll. He pointed out some things I didn't realize I was doing, he is able to see right away what is going on with the roll. So thanks Alex! As soon as he was done helping me, he was off helping another ... I hope he had some time to work on his own stuff!

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