Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking Ahead

After three days of isolation from a nasty bug I managed to pick up from some co-workers I was in no shape to go out and ski a 42k race. As it was I felt fortunate to get out and cheer on the SKOAC kayak and Cross Country Ski Team in the 58k Relay race. They did a great job of keeping the team in the top 10 finishers again this year. Well done!

Thoughts are now turning to Spring, and the paddling season. Of course with 40f temps and all our snow melting into huge puddles, it feels like Winters icy grip is letting up and giving us all a break from the sub zero stuff we were getting not so long ago. I'm sure we are in for some more cold and snow, it just seems like the end of Winter is close. A couple pool sessions, one or two more ski trips to Northern Wisconsin, and I'll need to start planing the first Apostle trip ... last year we were on Oak Island for the first weekend in April.

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