Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loppet Weekends

A really great weekend of skiing and hanging out with fellow paddlers/skiers. I managed to get through the 25k Hoigaards Classic race last weekend with out to much trouble, I'm not real good with the warm skiing conditions. Over dressing and choosing the right kick wax were my primary problems. I'm so used to skiing in the sub-freezing temperatures that when it warms up it throws my game off. Now with the 42k Vassaloppet coming up next weekend and temps again above the freezing mark I will need to re-think my usual plan and waxing strategies. Number one ... Klister or grip tape are going to be in the plan this week! Not sure exactly yet as I've not much experience with either .. none with the grip tape. With Thursday weather to be much like the forecast conditions for the Sunday race, I'll be out doing some testing.


DaveO said...

Fear the klister! It has a life of its own and will wind up in places you could never imagine......really!

Ron said...

Dave .. you give me visions of the old movie "The Blob!" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blob