Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pool Sessions

I always enjoy Sunday pool sessions. If it's the camaraderie with fellow paddlers or just the opportunity to get out of Winter mode and play in the water for just a little while ... either way ... It's worth the effort to deal with chlorinated water, the frozen tie down straps, and frozen gear (after you leave all the wet neoprene in the unheated hanger) for just a couple hours of splashing around in warm water. Our small group of paddlers did chalk up a first roll for our efforts, with Matt getting some good solid rolls in. I've even been able to get some good consistent narsaq rolls in with the SOF, also a reasonable balance brace .. fun stuff! The hand rolls are still elusive though. I can feel it .. it just isn't happening yet. I've done some nice hand rolls in Alex's Yost Sea Ranger, but not in my boats yet. It seems to be a matter of body mechanics that are not quite right yet. Today I spent some time working with a couple new paddlers getting the beginnings of a roll going. Some would say age would have a bearing on learning to roll .. I beg to differ. I believe it has everything to do with a little bit of confidence, and desire.
Lots to look forward to this Spring! Some Spring skiing in northern Wisconsin come mid March, Canoecopia is coming soon! I am looking forward to meeting up again with all the people that put on this great event in Madison ... I may even have to buy something this year. Not sure what yet I really need yet, but I'll think of something.
When you look in the back of the Jeep this time of year there is quite a mix of stuff .. kayak on the roof, snow shoes, skis, paddles, neoprene, and tennis shoes ... makes you wonder about the typical Minnesotan.

Then again, maybe I'm an exception!

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