Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pool Time

I'd like to get out of town for some skiing this weekend, but some projects here are making it hard to do that. So, since I'm here for the weekend, I'll need to dig a boat out of the hanger for Sundays ISK pool session. I've not taken the SOF to the pool yet this year and really should spend some time with it. It about wears me out if working on rolls for two solid hours for the pool session, and having the Nordkapp to climb on and do some other things makes sense. But I do need to get the SOF wet. Maybe I can spend the last half session working with some others on their rolls.


Silbs said...

I envy how neat your stuff is (compared to my garage).

DaveO said...

Say hi to Ms Benson. She will be there attempting to roll my old Kahuna. Sounds like Tony had her hitting some in his boat last time. BATB was shortened to 7k and the snow (ice)sucked. Amazing how damn much fun it still was. Skiing, chili, Nut Brown, and music; guess that explains it.

Ron said...

Hey Dave, sounds like a good time was, wish I could've made it. I talked to Ms Benson at the pool session ... she was working with Tony and made some good progress.

Dick, thats the hanger ... I'm pleading the 5th on the garage.