Friday, August 7, 2009

Point to LaPointe

Heading to Bayfield tonight for an early morning paddle with 200 swimmers. The Point to LaPointe swim has been going since 2006 starting with 24 swimmers, and in just a few years has grown to 200, the max allowed by the Coast Guard. Myself along with 30 other kayakers, will be escorting swimmers across the bay. Then it's off to Two Harbors for the Annual Kayak Festival. I'll be arriving late so I'll not be able to enter any of the races, but it's a great place to hang out for the rest of the weekend anyway.
Last weekend I had my little Optio W20 along with me on an Apostle Island trip with DaveO and most of the skoac renegades, I think I may have some water in the camera because the photos I took all weekend didn't turn out so well.

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