Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Harbors and Point to LaPointe

I've been going to the Two Harbors Kayak Festival now since 2003. It's been sort of a personal annual event. This year however I didn't enter any of the races, or even participate in any of the events, I just showed up and watched some friends start the race in the fog, and then headed off with DaveO, Chris, Steve, and Cheryl on an outstanding 7 mile paddle along the North Shore. We put in a little before Split Rock and went up to Silver Bay. It was a real nice afternoon, and I didn't miss pounding away on an 18 mile race at all.
The real fun event I did participate in this weekend was the two mile swim from Point to LaPointe as a support paddler. I swim pretty much like a rock, I can do it, but not for any distance. These people really impressed me. An open water swim for two miles in Lake Superior is in my book a daunting task, and not to be taken lightly. I was assigned "community swimmer" Todd. Todd impressed me more than the elite racers who started in the first wave who everyone knew would make the finish. The community swimmers are the everyday folks who are getting out and taking new challenges. These people were required to have a kayaker as an escort all the way across. I was happy to be asked to go along with Todd as he did the two mile swim. He did an outstanding race!

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