Friday, August 21, 2009

We're Going!

I have to wonder how many people cancel trips because of the forecast. I know this lake can make its own weather, and we have to take in all the information we can to make a safe decision. But ... Only a few short hours ago the forecast was even worse than the earlier one.

Small Craft Advisory is Cancelled
Wind less than 15, waves 1-3 all weekend.


DaveO said...

I got an email from SilenceOfTheLambChops and spouse and told em to head to Bayfield. NOAA forecasts are absolutely not to be trusted in the Apostles. Your eyes,nose, and wet finger when you're 'on the ground' are much more accurate. Listen to the VHF, but don't base that go/no go decision on it.

Ron said...

Hey Dave, hope you had a great weekend.
I agree with you on the NOAA forecast, I've personally done a better job of predicting the weekend weather, more than a few times this summer. The weather was great this weekend, but it was a tough weekend on equipment ... two broken paddles, one broken bow toggle, and one broken finger.

Ron said...

Oh ... and also a bad leak on an Exped sleeping mattress .. MINE!