Monday, March 3, 2008

Brewing Beer

A busy weekend of beer brewing, pool sessions, a wine tasting evening at DaveO's, and an after ski awards presentation at Jills. After all that, I still had time to wash the Jeep, install new brakes in my sons car, and spend a few hours bucking rivets on a Piper Cherokee. It's good to get back to work on a Monday morning and relax a little!


Joshua said...

I tried my hand at homebrewing a few years ago when I lived in Minneapolis. The beer tasted great early on, but as it got a few months older, the hops got stronger and stronger. I ended up throwing out the last few bottles because it was undrinkable. I hope your batch turns out better than mine!

Kate Foley said...

Spring is officially here...

... because cross-country ski season is officially over. I ended it yesterday, breaking my wrist in an icy fall while seeking out Jill’s group – didn’t even get to taste those bloody marys or catch up w/you all at the awards ceremony!

Things that are hard to do w/one arm in a cast: type, drive, cook, dress, paddle….
Things that are impossible: open the bottle of painkillers.

Note that there are two more weeks until the "official" end of snow season (the boy’s HS hockey tournament) so everyone else should be careful out there!

Silbs said...

Quite a setup you have there in your basement!

Ron said...

This was my first time brewing beer. In two weeks we will go back and do the bottling process, I hope it turns out good too! That would be fun to have a setup like that at home!
Sorry to hear about your wrist Kate, I hope you heal quickly. The paddling season will soon be here!