Thursday, March 6, 2008

Canoecopia Weekend

The days are getting longer, Canoecopia this weekend, I believe Spring is soon to be! I drove by the lake to check on my usual spot for an after paddle bite to eat. It's not quite usable yet.

I'll take Friday off and head to Madison, I need to be back Sunday morning for the SKOAC pool session, so lots of drive time! I am looking forward to meeting up with folks, checking all the new "must have" gear, and sit in on some of the presentations. Derrick is doing expedition planning, Sam Crowley will talk about his circumnavigation of Ireland. I followed the trip through his blog, and really looking forward to hearing his talk. Gail and Grant are both going to be doing talks too, so plenty to see. And hooking up with Dave for the weekend will always keep things interesting!


Joshua said...

I'll keep an eye out for you on Friday night, Ron! Tunder and I are planning a trip to the Apostles this summer. We missed you and DaveO last year, and we'd like to try and hook up with you sometime this year.

Ron said...

Hay send me an email I'll give you my cell number.

Hope to meet up with you guys there!