Monday, March 10, 2008

Canoecopia 2008

Really a good show put on by the folks at Rutabaga in Madison. I drove up early on Friday, hung out at the bike show across the street from Canoecopia. Lots of fun stuff at the bike show. If a person needed anything to do with biking ... from unicycles to tri-bikes, it was there!

Canoecopia was fairly easy to navigate through on Friday evening. I met Joshua from the GB Regulators, and the plan was to meet up with Dave and Tom, have an evening dinner at The Old Fashioned on Friday night. The Old Fashioned was packed, we stood around waiting for a table for two hours. Even though it was a long wait, the food, and company was great! On Saturday I ran into lots of people I know from the cities, one of them informed me he bought an Anas Acuta as soon as the show opened. I know he will enjoy that one. I did manage to spend some time talking with fellow bloggers Silbs and Derrick, I hope to get some paddle time with these guys some day. Dubside put on a good show at the pool, we had the foresight to get in line almost an hour before the show, we wouldn't have gotten in otherwise. The line was huge!

The end result was a successful shopping trip for me ... I didn't buy anything. I just didn't find anything I really needed, plenty to want ... just not need.


Silbs said...

Enjoyed meeting you and spending what little time we had together. Now, come on down to Milwaukee for a paddle. We'll put you up.

Ron said...

Will do! I'm looking forward to it!

DaveO said...

Same if you guys decide to head up this way. The Lake Superior room is always open for guests. And we do have an inland lake or 50 to play on.