Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

I received this email through our kayaking club here in town about a kayaker that may have witnessed the bridge collapse. Maybe someone will read this and be able to help out.

Buried in one of today's Star Tribune articles is a reference to a kayaker who may have seen the bridge collapse. The folks who are trying to piece together what happened would like that person's help. He or she may be one of our fellow paddlers.If spreading the word in the boating circles -- email, blog posts, in person -- reaches a kayaker who didn't catch the note in the paper today, it would be one tangible, positive contribution that we could make.Here's the reference:Authorities have also been told that there was a kayaker near the bridge at the time of the collapse, and they would like to talk to that person. The NTSB hotline number is 1-866-328-6347.Here's a link to the article itself:!


Kate Foley said...

Hello Ron--

I sent a note to say that the kayaker who witnessed the bridge collapse has made contact.

Your post may have alerted him or her, so thank you for helping.

Many thanks to the person who stepped forward, and to any who passed on the word so he or she would know to do so.


Ron said...

Hi Kate,
Just doing what ever I can to help out. Thanks for sending out the info.